Membership of the Southampton University Japanese Society is available to any current students studying the University of Southampton and life, temporary, associate members of the Union Southampton.

Membership fees are £4 for 3 years. A membership card with unique ID number will be issued upon a receipt of the completed application form and membership fee.

Benefits of SUJaS members

  • You can join weekly Language sessions run by SUJaS for free.
  • You can receive discounts offered from sponsors (*1) and at some events organised by the SUJaS.
  • You can join other events held by SUJaS for free or discounted prices.

*1 Examples include 5% off at the Chinatown supermarket, 10% off at SAKURA restaurant (see Food for details)

*View ‘Terms & Conditions’

How to become a member of SUJaS

Please fill in the application form and hand it to one of the SUJaS Committee members with correct fees (£4).

Membership Application Form will be available to download soon.

*Please note, this is not a compulsory membership to join us as we want to keep the society open to everyone.

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