Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Southampton University Japanese Society (SUJaS)

SUJaS Membership Terms & Conditions

(updated on 23rd Sep 2016)

We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and any changes will be notified to you via the e-mail or via the www.sujas.org.uk

1.           Membership

• Membership of the Southampton University Japanese Society (SUJaS) is available to any full-time students studying the University of Southampton and life, temporary, associate members of the Union Southampton.

• Membership fees are f4 for 3 years. A membership card with unique ID number will be issued upon a receipt of the completed application form and correct membership fee. Membership is renewable upon request.

• Membership cannot be cancelled during a period which has already been paid for. Membership will automatically terminate at the end of the period if not renewed.

• Members who damage or lose their membership cards agree to pay a fee of £4 for the cost of replacement of their membership cards.

• Membership is not transferable to any other person.

• Members are responsible for notifying any change of address and contact information to receive full services from the SUJaS.

2.           Services

• Members of the SUJaS are automatically subscribed to the society mailing list that can be unsubscribed by the individual member(s) at any time.

• Members of the SUJaS are entitled to participate the society events and activities including weekly language sessions.

3.           Health and Safety

  • Members of the SUJaS who are students studying at the University of Southampton are covered by the Union Southampton insurance.
  • Members of the SUJaS who are not students at the University of Southampton are not covered by the Union Southampton insurance, and therefore the SUJaS is not liable for any issues happened to them during the society events/activities.

*They may apply for the life, associate or temporary membership of the Union Southampton to be fully covered by the Union Southampton insurance.

Information about memberships of the Union Southampton is available at: https://www.unionsouthampton.org/about/membership.html

  • Detailed information on the Union Southampton insurance (highlighted in yellow) is available at:


4.           Privacy and data protection

All personal information such as email addresses and mobile numbers provided by members of the SUJaS in their membership application will be used only for the society’s administration purposes within the terms of Data Protection Act 1998 and the SUJaS shall not supply it to any third parties.